Tips For Renting A Dumpster For Your Home

5 April 2019
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Are you ready to rent a dumpster for your home? Garbage can accumulate quickly especially in a large household. If you find yourself needing one due to excessive garbage around your home or simply because you are hosting an upcoming event such as a birthday or anniversary party, you will need to know how the dumpster rental process works. Here is what you need to know.

Ask About All Charges

You know there will be a specific charge for renting the dumpster, but often there are additional charges for fuel and delivery involved that makes the costs balloon. Ask about all additional fees before you rent or go with a company that gives you a flat rate for their services so that there are no surprises.

Prepare Your Space

The area in which you place your dumpster is extremely important. Ideally, you want your dumpster to be near enough for you to access it quickly when you need to use it. However, you should bear in mind that the location you choose should be easy to access for dumpster drop-off and pick-up. Make sure that there are no cars parked near the dumpster as it will obstruct delivery and pickup.

Be Selective About Garbage Disposal

Not all garbage should be placed in a dumpster. You should be aware that materials which are flammable and hazardous should never be loaded into a dumpster — this is dangerous and can cause explosions. Construction debris is also forbidden for the most part. If you have these kinds of materials, there are usually other types of containers which are made for the dumping of these materials.

There Are Weight Limits

Dumpsters have weight limits and you should bear this in mind when you rent one. Often when the time comes to empty the dumpster, you may find that there are legal restrictions placed on landfills about how much debris they can accept coming from your dumpster. If you go over your limit, you may find yourself having to pay a fee.

Renting a dumpster for any period of time is often a necessity. Before you invest your money, you need to know all the costs as well as what you can and cannot put in the dumpster. You also need to know how much weight you can put in. When you follow the guidelines mentioned here, renting the right dumpster will become an easy process.