Battling Dumpster Odor On Your Restaurant's Property

27 June 2016
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If you just opened your own restaurant, you will soon find out it may be beneficial to rent a dumpster to help contain waste. Food facilities often have a lot of scraps to throw away, especially if people will be dining on the premises. With this debris comes the chance of odor. To help keep your dumpster from becoming pungent, possibly making customers unhappy when walking to or from their vehicle on your property, try the following tips.

Make Sure The Dumpster Is Shaded And Out Of View

It is a good idea to have the dumpster rental service drop off the container in an area where customers will not be able to see it. While this is a bit more work for employees to walk out to the bin to throw things away, it will not detract from the aesthetics of the restaurant property and will be less likely to be smelled by customers frequenting the business. 

To help minimize the amount of odor being emitted from the dumpster, have it placed in a shaded area to help keep food waste from becoming too hot, which often smells stronger as a result. If there is no shady area available, a small event tent can be placed over the container to help keep it out of the sun.

Contain Trash Appropriately For The Least Amount Of Odor

When employees bring trash out to the dumpster, ask them to double-bag it so there is less chance of odor being emitted from the dumpster. Spraying the interiors of the bags with a deodorizer will help mask odor and is also useful in keeping wildlife or stray cats from trying to get into the dumpster to tear apart trash bags in an attempt to find food. 

If there are scraps of biodegradable food within the restaurant's trash to be thrown out, employees can put this in a separate container. Have a compost pile set up on the property for these scraps. They will decompose in the pile and create natural soil to be used for gardening. The compost pile will be less likely to emit as much odor as in a dumpster as the scraps will be exposed to air rather than contained inside of an enclosure.

Have Trash Picked Up Frequently And Treat The Container Upon Arrival

It is a good idea to have your restaurant's trash picked up regularly so odor does not intensify within the dumpster. When a new dumpster is delivered, sprinkle a powdered deodorizer in the bottom of the container to help eliminate odor as soon as you throw garbage inside. Some people throw several citrus peels inside of their dumpster to help mask odor as well. Most dumpsters will be washed out before they are delivered, making it unnecessary to do this task on your own. 

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