3 Reasons A Roll Off Dumpster Rental Is Ideal For Clutter Reduction

22 July 2016
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Do you have mounds of clutter that need to be cleared away? Perhaps you have been procrastinating for months or years about removing the clutter. This may be negatively impacting your quality of life in ways that you may not realize. For example, some people isolate themselves from others because they are embarrassed by their clutter.


Some people attempt to remove clutter by loading and transporting their clutter to landfills or donation centers. After a few trips around their town, it is no wonder that they end up tired and frustrated, which may result in them stopping in the middle of a clutter elimination attempt. Renting a dumpster will allow you the opportunity to place items in the dumpster, and you likely will not need to transport any items on your own. This is because a number of companies are aware of the excessive amounts of clutter and aim to use strategies that involve recycling and reusing to reduce waste. For example, the dumpster rental may have a program in place that salvages furniture and donates it to those in need.

If you were thinking about leaving your clutter at the curb for your standard trash pick-up service, you need to understand that there may be some items that they refuse to pick-up, and leaving the items outside could be an eyesore that causes neighbor disputes or you could be sanctioned. The trash company might also choose to collect the items and bill you surcharges for improper disposal.


You may have procrastinated about getting rid of clutter because you lack the time. Dumpster rentals leave you in control of how long you need to take to clear the clutter. Keep in mind that there may be zoning laws in your area that could limit the number of days a dumpster can be placed in close vicinity to streets; however, as long as there are not any legal ramifications, you can likely renew your dumpster rental and arrange pick-ups as you work through each room in your home.   

Extra Help

Some people have clutter in their homes that they genuinely want to clear away, but they may lack the organizational skills and focus to finish their projects. A dumpster rental company that has clean-out services is a good resource to use for this issue. The process involves their employees coming into homes to remove clutter at the discretion of the property owner. This type of extra help may also be ideal if you have old appliances that are taking up space in your home. The professionals will have access to appliance dollies and other materials that can make removing these items from your home quick, safe, and easy. 

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