Tips To Reduce The Amount Of Food Or Packaging That Is Placed In Your Rental Dumpster

29 November 2016
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If you own a small delicatessen and have been tossing a lot of unwanted items in the trash each day, reduce the amount of food or packaging that is placed in your rental dumpster from a place like The Green Dumpster LLC by using the following steps. As a result of your efforts, you will reduce the amount of waste at your business and will not need to have your rental dumpster emptied as often.

Donate And Compost Outdated Food Products

As food items become outdated, remove them from the deli case or shelf that they are store on. If the food items are still safe for consumption, donate them to a local charity, to friends, or or to family members. Any organic materials that are no longer needed, such as vegetable peels or fruit rinds can be added to a composting bin.

After the food products decompose, they will be transformed into a dark brown substance that resembles dirt. The compost can be added to flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, or any other outdoor feature that contains soil. Compost will add nutrients to the soil, which will assist with healthy plant growth.

Utilize A Cardboard Baler

Upon receiving food or supply shipments, break down cardboard boxes that items came in and place them in a cardboard baler that you have rented or purchased. Cardboard will be lined up and placed in stacks, prior to being secured with flexible bands. The stacks can then be placed in a corner of your property until you are able to have them picked up by a garbage or recycle company.

By securing stacks of cardboard in this manner, the inside of your deli won't be as likely to become as cluttered and you won't need to waste space inside of a dumpster in order to dispose of the packaging materials. 

Recycle Regularly

Get into the habit of recycling by purchasing several large containers to store plastic, glass, metal, and paper products that are no longer needed. Place the containers in a section of the deli that is easy to access and that won't interfere with other work duties that need to be completed. As you encounter empty containers or pieces of packaging, remove labels from items and rinse out cans or any other items that contained a food product or liquid with plenty of water.

Once the recycling containers are full, place them on a handcart and push them outdoors so that they can be placed next to the dumpster and picked up at the same time that your waste materials are.