Keep Other People Out Of Your Business's Dumpster

8 November 2018
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You rented a dumpster because you needed a place to neatly and securely store your business's waste at the end of the day. You did not invest in a dumpster to provide the community with a waste solution. However, day after day, you keep finding other people's trash inside the dumpster. Discover some easy steps you can take to keep other people out of your company's dumpster.

Post Signage

Make certain you have some type of signage displayed. While it might seem common sense for another person to realize that they should not throw their trash in your dumpster, if you do not have a sign posted, this information is something that every person might not be privy to. 

Place a large sign that is easy to read and states that you will seek prosecution for any person that puts their waste in your dumpster. If other people know that you mean business, they are more apt to stay away and take their trash elsewhere.

Install a Gate

Keep the dumpster secure. If your dumpster is out in the open, the likelihood of someone tossing trash inside of it is much higher than if it were secure. Install a gate that is at least a few feet higher than the height of your dumpster to make it harder to access the bin. 

To further enhance security, you can also install a lock to keep the gate closed. Ensure you tell your employees that they must lock the gate as soon as they are finished using the dumpster. You should also consider the idea of installing lights around the dumpster to minimize any hiding spots.

Resize Your Dumpster

Make sure your dumpster is not too large. If there is no room to put their waste, a person is less likely to try and toss their trash in your dumpster. If your dumpster is overly large, you are basically leaving free space for someone else to use. 

Although it is wise to have a little extra room in your dumpster for the unexpected, you don't necessarily need a dumpster that is two times larger than the amount of space you actually use. Monitor your usage habits and consider downsizing if you can. In addition to helping keep intruders out, a smaller dumpster may even save your company money.

Make sure you are taking advantage of these tips to keep your dumpster secure. Contact a dumpster rental service, such as Horizon Disposal Servies Inc., for any additional concerns you might have.